👨‍💻Configuring the XTsunami Master bot

  1. Go to Settings > Connection Info

  2. Click on 'Edit'

  3. Choose and enter an ID for your Master Bot.

  4. Choose and enter a Name for your Master Bot.

  5. Click on "Generate" button to generate the key pairs (Private/Public Keys) for signing/verifying data transfer from this Master Bot.

  6. Enter the IP address of the computer that runs this Master Bot. It could be a public IP or a local IP, depend on which network you want to run your system.

  7. Choose and enter a port for your connection. Make sure you configure your network firewall, modem or anywhere there is a firewall to open the port for data transfer to/from (inbound/outbound) this port.

  8. Choose and check if your connection will support a secure protocol (https).

  9. Copy this configuration and update it as a data record on a XTTP domain name.

  10. Click on "Update" to save and store the configuration.

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