🌏Buying an XTTP Domain Name

How to buy an XTTP domain name on XTTP.io

  1. Set up your new wallet to buy and hold your XTTP domain, as mentioned in the previous section. As always, remember to securely store your credentials, private key, seed phrase and other important information.

  2. Once your wallet is set up, fund it with enough XTT-b20 to purchase your desired domain name, for the duration you desire, as well as sufficient BNB for transaction fees.

  3. Go to https://xttp.io/ and connect your wallet

  4. Enter your desired domain name (get creative!) and choose an extension from the drop down menu

  5. Hit the 'Enter' key with your cursor in the field that contains your desired domain name

  6. If your domain is available, click 'Buy domain' – otherwise, start again with a new domain name

  7. After clicking 'Buy domain', a pop-up window appears. Set the duration you desire and hit 'Enable'. Please be patient – it can take a few moments for the command to go through.

  8. In your wallet extension, click 'Confirm' when prompted

  9. You should then see a 'Contract Enabled' notification in a few moments

  10. Hit 'Confirm' in the pop-up window. This may also take a few moments.

  11. Again, in your wallet extension, click 'Confirm' when prompted

  12. You should then see a 'Buying Successful' notification.

  13. Click 'My Domains' in the links at the top right of the page to load your purchased domain(s)

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