👨‍💻Configuring the XTsunami software

Broker parameters – API Key and User Credentials

  1. Go to Settings > Broker APIs

  2. Click on 'Add API'

  3. For security, you will be prompted to enter your credentials again. Enter them and hit confirm.

  4. The 'Add API' window pops up. Select the broker from the drop-down menu.

  5. IMPORTANT: The 'Demo API' check box is checked by default – this is because we strongly urge you to set up and use a demo account with the broker FIRST, before you attempt live trades. Share CFD trading carries significant risks, and it is wise to practise for as long as it takes to become proficient and confident with such trading, BEFORE you attempt live trades. For this reason, we have two trading modes, i.e. CFD DEMO TRADE and CFD LIVE TRADE. Also remember to check which countries and jurisdictions do not allow Share CFD trading, and what laws and restrictions may apply to you. By using XTsunami trading software, you assume all risks associated with trading.

  6. Enter your API Key and relevant user credentials*. These keys will be different for the demo account and the live trading account. Since we have shown the demo account above, we have used the relevant API Key, Username and Password that are associated with the demo account. On the broker's website, you should be able to find information on how to obtain your API keys for demo and live accounts.

  7. Once this is completed, you will be able to see the API Key in the Broker APIs list.

*The API Key and user credentials in XTsunami are encrypted

Wallet parameters

  1. Go to Settings > Wallet

  2. Click on 'Edit'

  3. For security reasons, you will be prompted to enter your credentials again. Enter them and hit confirm.

  4. In the 'Payment Subscription Wallet Public Address' field and the 'Payment Subscription Wallet Private Key' field, please use the address of the wallet you intend to use to pay for your subscription to XTsunami. For security reasons, we highly recommend that this is a separate wallet from the one that you use to hold your other tokens, i.e. all other tokens not related to your XTsunami subscription. This new wallet must have sufficient XTT-b20 for the subscription as well as sufficient BNB for each transaction (since our subscription contract is on Binance Smart Chain).

  5. For the 'XTTP Domain Name Wallet Public Address' and 'XTTP Domain Name Wallet Private Key', again, we recommend setting up a separate wallet for the purpose of purchasing and holding an XTTP Domain Name* (for convenience, this could be the same wallet as your subscription wallet mentioned in point 5 above).

  6. Note: Since the above wallet public address and private key information you enter into the XTsunami software resides solely on your computer and is encrypted, it is relatively safe, but we nevertheless reiterate that it is safer to use a separate wallet for the purposes of your XTsunami subscription and XTTP domain name.

*This is necessary for our servers to be able to identify your subscription payments

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