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What is the XTsunami Forex trading bot?

A radically different, advanced Web3 bot for Forex trading, featuring high performance and enhanced risk management like never before.

As an OEMS (Order and Execution Management System), XTsunami is always by your side, whether in an uptrend or downtrend market, to support your Forex trading.

Good to know: We leverage our real-time chart analysis and several complex data points to provide greatly simplified market and asset status indicators, enabling both new and veteran traders to make significantly better trading decisions – in a way that other trading applications do not.

The software is easy to configure and truly decentralised (it runs entirely on your computer, even while connected to the exchange and our servers). It does not have any access to your funds and simply enables the transactions – you have full control of your funds at all times.


Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics:

🔑pageGetting Started👨‍💻pageConfiguring the XTsunami software🌏pageBuying an XTTP Domain Name

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