🔑Getting Started

Download and install + user credentials

  1. Go to the ‘download’ section on https://xtsunami.com and download the XTsunami desktop software for Forex trading (Windows PC and Mac)

  2. Install the software and enter your own unique username and password*

  3. Accept the terms and conditions if you wish to proceed

  4. Click on 'Create new account' to login to the software.

*Don't forget your username and password, as they cannot be retrieved if you lose them. To change the username and password, you will need to remove the XTsunami folder from your computer. To remove on Windows, go to C:\Users\'Username'\AppData\Roaming\XTsunamiForex. To remove on Mac, go to /Library/Applications Support/XTsunamiForex. When you launch the app again, you need to set a new username and password and reconfigure the tool like you did the first time (as you will see in the next sections related to software configuration). Remember that you have to use the same wallet so that the subscription days you have paid for will reflect again in the app.

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