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​ XTsunami is based on XTblock’s core technology. XTblock is a Web3 technology platform developing revolutionary products and services: a limitlessly scalable, high speed blockchain network; high-performance decentralised AI and bot computing; other powerful Web3 technologies such as the XTsunami trading applications – and more. For more information, visit
​ The name XTsunami represents a suite of radically different Web3 trading applications for stocks (Share CFDs), crypto (Crypto Futures) and forex (Forex CFDs).
XTsunami is based on XTblock’s revolutionary core technology, which powers real-time price action analysis & trading tools that provide traders with highly valuable data to enable high-quality trading decisions – unlike any other trading softwares currently available.
Taking it a step further is a trading bot system that interprets this analysed chart data to conduct automated trades on behalf of the user – all optimised for vastly improved trading results and superior risk management.
​ XTblock's XTTP protocol can be used flexibly to decentralise DNS and also help existing Web apps to resist DDoS attacks effectively.
​Binosaur – Purchase XTT-b20 on our Decentralised Exchange (connected to PancakeSwap)
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