🪙XTsunami subscription payment and XTTP domain name setting

How to pay for your XTsunami subscription

  1. Before you connect your wallet, please ensure you are using the wallet you intend to use to pay for your subscription to XTsunami. For security reasons, we highly recommend that this is a separate wallet from the one that you use to hold your other tokens, i.e. all other tokens not related to your XTsunami subscription. This new wallet must have sufficient XTT-b20 for the subscription as well as sufficient BNB for each transaction (since our subscription contract is on Binance Smart Chain).

  2. Click on 'Connect Wallet'

  3. Select the icon that represents your wallet. It may take a few seconds for your wallet to connect.

  4. Click 'Subscribe' if it is your first time subscribing or 'Extend' for subsequent extensions (see image at the end of this section)

  5. The 'Subscription' pop-up window appears. Choose the duration you desire, review the number of XTT-b20 tokens that will be charged as the subscription fee, and either change the duration as desired or click 'Enable' to proceed.

  6. Confirm the same in your wallet extension.

  7. A 'Contract Enabled' notification window will appear.

  8. Click 'Confirm in the 'Subscription' pop-up window.

  9. Then confirm the transaction in your wallet extension.

  10. An 'Extended Successfully' notification window should appear. To double-check that the subscription has indeed been paid successfully, quit and reopen the XTsunami software and log in. The top left of the main screen should show you the duration of time your subscription has been paid for.

Updating your subscription with your XTTP domain name

  1. On https://subs.xtsunami.com/ click 'Settings'.

  2. Enter the domain name you purchased for the purpose of using the XTsunami software (see previous section).

  3. Click 'Update'. This may take a few moments.

  4. A 'Successful Setting' notification window will appear.

  5. Note your wallet address, XTTP domain name and other important information.

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