⚠️IMPORTANT - First understand the risks!

Forex trading carries significant risks, and it is wise to practise for a significant length of time with a demo account provided by the broker, for as long as it takes to become proficient and confident with such trading, BEFORE you attempt live trades. To facilitate this, we have two trading modes, i.e. DEMO TRADE and LIVE TRADE in the XTsunami Forex trading software. Also it is your responsibility to check which countries and jurisdictions do not allow Forex trading, and all laws and restrictions that may apply to you. By using XTsunami trading software, you assume all risks associated with trading.

Lastly, it is your responsibility, and a must, to take the time to review the notes and instructions in our user guide before attempting to trade using XTsunami software.

If you would like to use our software, please ensure that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions on our website www.xtsunami.com before proceeding to do so.

⚠️ While the bot can run in an automated fashion, there is no substitute for your own diligence and monitoring of: market news and occurrences, supervision of the functioning of the bot, your broker account, your funds and other important considerations.

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